FAQ (pre Shopify sections)

Please note: this only applies to theme licenses that were purchased before December 14, 2016. If you purchased the theme after that date, please visit the current documentation.

If you need help with theme settings, please contact us and we'll get back to you asap.

Help, I can't change the theme text. How do I do that?

That's all done through the language editor. To access that:

  1. Click "Themes" from the admin sidebar
  2. Then click the "..." icon next to your theme and choose "Edit Language" from the dropdown
  3. Now click your active language
  4. You can click a tab heading and edit the text within that section. Remember to click save.

See Shopify docs for more details about the language editor.

How can I get the latest version of the theme?

You can always grab the latest version as a free upgrade. You will need to redo your theme settings and app installs (depends on the individual app). More details

Help, I need a clean version of the theme code

No problem, you can grab the latest version and install that as an unpublished theme. You can then work on that in the background and publsih it once you've done the theme settings etc. More details here

What are your regular support hours?

Please note that normal support hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm GMT but we'll often reply outside those hours whenever possible. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. You can use the contact form to get in touch. All theme support is handled by email. With multiple clients in different timezones, it's much easier to keep track of things that way.

What does theme support cover?

Free theme support covers bug fixes and help with theme settings. We can also help you with some minor modifications. If you you'd like to change how the theme works or add new features, you can hire someone to help from the Shopify experts area.

Google fonts - Does Sunrise support Google fonts?

Yes, the theme comes with a selection of Google fonts. You can use a different font for headings and body text.

Customer logins - Does Sunrise support customer logins?

Absolutely. To see a demo, click the "Login" link at the top of the site and use shopify101@gmail.com and password "guest". Or you can register your own account to see how that works.

Why is the "Sign Up" option missing on my site?

The sign up link will only appear when you set customer accounts to optional in your admin area settings. You can read more about that in the Shopify docs...
Shopify manual - Set your customer account preferences

Slideshow - Is it easy to use my own slide images?

It sure is. The slideshow supports up to 10 slides and each slide can link to a unique URL. Slides can be any height but it's best if you make them all the same size.

Slideshow - What size should my slide images be?

Slides should be 800px wide and all the same height. To give an idea, the slide images in the demo store are 800px wide by 333px high.

Slideshow - Do I have to use captions?

Captions are optional. If you don't want a caption you can just leave it blank in theme settings.

Can I switch the slideshow off?

Sure, that's really easy to do through theme settings.

Can I show collections on the home page?

Sure, click "Customize theme" and see the "Home page - featured collections" section.

Can I have different links in the top menu and sidebar menu?

Absolutely! You can use Shopify linklists to assign different links to the side and top menus. Please see the theme documentation for details.

How do I control the sidebar menu?

Please see the theme documentation for details.

Help, I don't see any thumbnails under the home page slideshow?

The thumbnails are controlled by a collection. You can set that collection in theme settings (see the "Home page - featured products" section). Make sure the collection exists and has at least one product added to it.

Can I control the number of popular products that appear in the sidebar?

Yes, you can select the collection and how many products are displayed. See the section named "Sidebar" in theme settings.

Can I control how the many products are displayed on each row?

Sure can. See the section named "Collection Page" in theme settings.

Do I need to show the currency dropdown?

No, it's optional. You can switch it off. See the section named "Currency" in theme settings.

I've switched multi-currency on but it doesn't seem to work?

Make sure you've amended your currency formats in Shopify settings. See this guide for more details

How do I amend the links in the top navigation bar?

The menu is populated by a linklist. To decide which linklist to use, visit theme settings and expand the "Navigation" section. Look for the "Main menu" heading and use the drop down to select your linklist.

Does the top navigation bar support dropdown menus?

Yes, the main menu supports one sub menu under each main link. Enabling dropdowns can be done is a few simple steps.

Before you begin, make sure you've added a few products and organised them into collections. Then visit the theme settings, expand the section named "Navigation" and look for the "Main menu" heading. Select the linklist to use for the menu. This guide assumes that you've selected the linklist named "Main menu".

Next, from the Shopify sidebar, click the "Navigation" link. You'll see all the linklists in your store. A linklist is just a wrapper for a bunch of links. To add a dropdown to a menu item you just need to create a linklist with the same name. For example, lets say you have a link named "Toys" in your main menu. Click the "add link list" link and create a linklist named "Toys". Add a few links to the new linklist and you'll have a fully working dropdown. Repeat the process for any other top-level links that need a dropdown.

How do I amend the links in the footer?

Click the "Navigation" link on Shopify's admin sidebar. You can add, edit and delete the links in the "Footer" linklist.

How does the newsletter form work?

You'll need a free Mailchimp account

See the theme documentation for more details.

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